SEEK - SOW - SERVE is the DNA of Freedom Church!  Seeking the lost, Sowing into the lives of believers through discipleship, and Serving our community and world.  An integral part of this mission is SOW - helping you and others become more like Christ through discipleship.  In addition to weekly classes for children, students and adults at 10:15 each Sunday, several times a year we offer a series of small groups to help you transform into the person God planned for you to be.  Beginning January 27, we will kick off four new groups:  Ladies Bible Study with a series on how to study God's Word, a Co-ed group for adults led by Brother Bruce studying about prayer, an in-home dinner and study for singles and young families 19-35 at the home of Christopher and Julie Word, and a Friday morning Bible study and breakfast for men at 6:45 a.m. at The Choice restaurant in downtown Gadsden.

Please fill out the information below, and you'll receive a personal invitation to a group of your choice!