We believe that, as a church grows larger in worship, it must grow closer through small groups.  You might call it Sunday school, or Bible study, or anything else, but we call them Life Groups.  Why?  Because we believe that your group should become friends who you spend life with.  As you connect with others like yourself, you grow together in your Christian life and serve together in God's kingdom.  Find one today!  Currently, our groups meet at 11:00 on Sunday mornings.  We offer childcare for babies and toddlers at this time, to make it convenient for you to attend.  There are groups for everyone: Kindergarten and Early Elementary, Older Elementary, Middle school, High school, College and Young Adults, Young Parents, Middle age, and Seniors.  More groups are coming in the near future!  Help us know what groups you'd like to see!

Please fill out the information below, and you'll receive a personal invitation to a group that might work for you!